CSCI 313: Database Management Systems

Welcome to CSCI 313, Section 1, Spring 2015. In this class we will study database management systems, in both theory and practice. We will examine the currently available DBMS systems and learn the SQL language.

In this class, you will need to use Microsoft Access for the beginning assignment, but we will quickly move on to a more powerful DBMS. My examples will focus on the MySQL DBMS from Oracle, but you may, with my pre-approval, install and use another DBMS for part of your homework.

In addition, you will possibly want additional software installed. Again, this will be discussed later in the semester. If you chose to use department resources, you will not need to install or maintain any software.

The server CSCI313 is set up for this class. This virtual machine has MySQL along with all other libraries needed for the class.

This class meets MWF 2:00 to 2:50 in Ross Hall room 136.

"I am the instructor of record for this class. Only the instructor of record for this class can issue a final grade."