About Me

I was born in Akron Ohio to Judith and Donald Bennett. I attended the Dalton Local Schools and received a diploma in 1982. I was active in the Boy Scouts of America, the Drama Club, the Band, the Choir, and on the Yearbook staff.

I attended the University of Akron and Wayne College (a branch of the Akron U in Orrville Ohio) where I received a bachelor's degree in Mathematics in 1986.

I spent a brief and unsuccessful few weeks in the US Air Force in 1987, but was removed from service because of recurrent somnambulism (sleep walking).

I attended Kent State University and received a Masters Degree in Computer Science in 1990. My adviser was Paul Wang and my thesis was A Mathematically Oriented Graphics Package Based on the X Window System.

From 1990 until August 2001, I was a systems administrator in the Mathematics and Computer Science Department at Kent. During this time I taught various classes in Mathematics and Computer Science.

I completed a Ph. D. in Computer Science at Kent State University in 2010. My advisers were Dr. Paul Farrell and Dr. Arden Ruttan. My dissertation title was Tools and techniques for locating and steering parallel simulations through bifurcation points. The work involved steering, scientific visualization, scientific computation, and parallel computing.

In 1993 I married Michele M. Menegay. We have two children, Rachel and Elizabeth.